For more than 40 years our family has been dealing with some of the world’s finest Gemstones from Sri Lanka.
All of our Gemstones are mined and cut directly in Sri Lanka creating some of the world’s most beautiful gems & jewelry.
Family-owned and operated our passion for fine gemstone started years ago and what began as an infatuation has grown into a thriving custom jewelry business where we continually exceed the expectations of our customers.
We specialize in rare AAA quality Sri Lanka and other exclusive gems like Blue Sapphire, Ruby, Yellow Sapphire, Green Tourmaline, Rhodolite, spinal, and Tsavorite, which are some of the world’s most rare and popular gemstones.
Like two gemstones are not the same we understand that our customers have different tastes and whether it is a single piece for a loved one or a gemstone engagement ring we take the time to understand what you are looking for and will work with you to design your perfect piece

From our hands to yours

To truly highlight a Gem’s brilliance begins with the selection of a single stone until it is placed in its own impeccable setting, and Our Master craftsman have been committed to creating the most exquisite jewellery that celebrate and enhance the natural beauty of each individual gemstone.

Each single piece of jewellery  creation begins with a hand drawn sketch  in fine detail. This allows the craftsman to combine the fluidity and overall harmony of the design that brings out the collective beauty of both the setting and the gem.

After each detail is meticulously reviewed, the finished gem stone jewellery leaves our design studio into the hands of someone who will cherrish and hold this piece close to their heart for years to come.


Please be advised that color variations will occur from what you view on the website to what you view in real life.  While we always aim to show a true and accurate image variations occur due to the different resolutions and brightness’s on digital screens, such as computer screens, mobile phones, and tablets.